This week was super busy!  Our class has a school-wide assembly to host in March as well as a Silent Film workshop that took all of Wednesday for filming and editing.  It’s been quite the creative chaos in our classroom.

creative work

As a class, we decided to create a large mural – pictures to come for our Kindergarten buddies’ play.  We helped make the costumes they would need as well.   We also have some students doing a dance to the new song from the Lego Movie – Everything is Awesome!

On Wednesday, students created Silent Films and edited them using iMovie.  They turned out so great, and were very comedic.  As a class we had a discussion about humour vs. being silly for no reason, and the message came across well.  We had some creatively funny stories!

Looking forward to this weekend, I have a lot of work to do, but because the weather outside is supposed to be in the -30 range, I’ll be bundled up with my laptop and some warm beverages to work.