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Kitchen Adventures

Some of my students this year have really taken to the kitchen.   We have made fraction pizzas and for our Ancient Athens unit,  a few students made some Greek inspired dips as a way to continue honing their skills in the kitchen.   One of my ASD students is an absolute whiz with a chef’s knife,  and giving him the chance to be an expert in our classroom really makes him visibly proud.   He chopped all the garlic and ingredients for homemade tzatziki that he proudly shared with his classmates.   

Finding the “expert” level in each student and fostering those skills has been a way to really let each student’s confidence shine this year in Room 14.



Ancient Athens

My students had to explore life in Ancient Athens by using books, and some critical thinking skills to create a timeline of a day for a slave, metic, citizen, or woman.

We had some amazing costumes, props, and paintings created, but the most fun was the students bringing in food to make some traditional Greek recipes.

We made: stuffed grape leaves, homemade tzatzkiki, chicken pita wraps, and watermelon soup!

Ancient Athens (8)
Watermelon Soup!
Ancient Athens (3)
Stuffing the grape leaves
A citizen dressed up in armour
A citizen dressed up in armour

What an exciting day we had sharing in the cultures of the past.   It was so rewarding to hear them telling their peers how they learned how to properly use kitchen tools and chopped onions and garlic.

Interactive Social Studies Visual Journals!

Students have been using their Visual Journals to explain various concepts this year in Social Studies.  When given the choice to create a poster or Notebook file, most of them choose a Visual Journal page because they love to create pop up, and interactive elements.

I’ve posted a few examples of some very creative pages.

Sarah (2)

When learning about Local Government, this student drew little men to represent the MLA, Councillors, and Mayor.  Each little man was a flap, and when opened explains the role of each in Local Government.

Confederation Confederation Open

While learning about Confederation, this student created a Canadian Flag.  On either side of the flag was a flap with information about the dates, the provinces, and why Confederation was important.   A truly unique page!

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