Moving Forward Mural

After two months of hard work, and collaborating, my students completed our first mural!

Together we came up with a theme of “moving forward” and one of our students suggested trains as a way to represent this visually.   After deliberating and voting this is what was decided.

My students had total control over the look and theme of the mural with my guidance.  They debated, discussed, and came to a consensus together – talk about adding some Social Studies into the classroom 🙂

Then, the student who wanted to created designs for the murals in their sketchbooks.  We did an art walk and students put small sticky notes on their choice of design.   I picked the top two designs and sort of meshed them together and drew it up on our mural board!

Each day students took turns coming up to paint their sections.   One train car is white – that is mine.

What do you think?  Turned out awesome eh?