I’ve always been someone who believes that it is important for a teacher to get right in there with their students and participate in the activities as both a model, and to show the kids that we’re a community in this together.   I paint with them, I read with them, I run outside in Gym with them, and I get messy with them.   I’ve loved showing the kids we are a community, and that if they are to run a warm up lap, I should do the same.

Yesterday we were outside playing Lacrosse, and I joined a group to show them how to get ahead of the person cradling the ball and call for a pass.   In doing that, my foot managed to find a hole (dug up by young students) in the middle of our field.  I got caught, twisted my foot and went flying.   Needless to say, in a very embarrassing way.

My foot got swollen within seconds, and my students rushed over to see me rolling around in pain on the grass.   Some of them took action and immediately ran into the school to get our AP and some ice.   Seeing their worried faces, plus the adrenaline of the injury I hobbled back into my classroom where I elevated my foot and iced it hoping it was just a sprain.

My autistic student warmed my heart, he came over, hugged me and helped me ice it.   Such a compassionate kid.

Unfortunately my pain increased, and my foot looked like it had a baseball under the skin, so my principal felt it best to call me an Ambulance.   My husband met me at the hospital.   This was my first time in an Ambulance, or going to a hospital for anything, so I was very nervous.  My students had already made me cards and were worried about me, but I told them everything would be okay, it was just an injury.

At the hospital I got x-rays right away, but then had to wait four hours for a visit with the Doctor to get a cast.  I definitely broke my left ankle bone, the Doc said I was lucky it was low and wouldn’t need surgery.    They fixed me up with an air cast and crutches.. and sent me home.

The whole experience left me feeling both good and bad.

swollen at school cast at home

– All the amazing people in my life who are willing to inconvenience themselves to help me – my AP has been working her butt off to get my insurance and get me a rental car (I drive stick so can’t get to work), my co-teachers who have reached out offering rides, lesson plans, etc. and my students who have emailed me already to check in and tell me they miss me and hope I feel better.
– My husband, being there for me for everything..  I had a mini meltdown about being helpless, got depressed about ending the year this way, and got mad at him for driving too fast.   He is so patient to deal with my roller coaster.
– Resiliency, although this is the first time I’ve had an injury I already know I’ll be ok and that I will be back on my feet in no time with the support of my family, teaching staff, and friends

– I can’t get involved with all the great things going on in my classroom to the same extent that I did before.  No more running with my class, playing dodgeball.  I am sad I have to step back and be less involved for the last 4 weeks of school.  It makes me depressed.
– I can’t go to my gym anymore until I am healed, and I was starting to get into a good fitness routine.