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February 2015

Look at what Stacie does with those heaps of Scholastic Book Order forms!

The Chapel

Teachers amaze me!  I particularly like it when they find ways of reusing items that would otherwise head for a landfill somewhere.  Scholastic Book Orders are very exciting for most students, but let’s be honest, there seems to be an excessive amount of paper that, monthly, appears in your boxes and spread all over your staff room tables.  True?

ScholasticThis week I happened to notice Stacie’s solution and re-purposing of the leftovers.  In the past, I’ve had students roll sheets of newspaper to use in the building of a whole number of three dimensional constructions and also as a base for papier mache building.  I’ve used newspaper in the construction of masks and helmets as well, but I’ve never thought to harvest the piles of book orders and create impressive sculpture with the resulting rolled pages.  Longer rolls can be made rolling corner to corner…shorter and stronger, directly across, edge…

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This month our 5/6 class focus was online safety.   Together, we watched videos, brainstormed, and discussed how to be safe online.  An interesting topic came up around being polite online as well!   As a group students came up with some “netiquette” policies and some tips to stop cyber bullying!  Some made visual journal pages and I think they turned out wonderfully. 




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