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October 2014

Being Observed

I’ve had student teachers in my space this week, and will again next week to observe what teaching looks like, and what our school community is like.   It is rather interesting to see all the new, nervous, and excited first year students in my classroom, as I still recall what it was like for me not that long ago.

Having someone constantly there is a helpful reminder to be purposeful with everything, and I think more experienced teachers sometimes forget about WHY we are doing what we’re doing.   Having someone ask why constantly is a refreshing way to reflect on your own teaching practice.   This week has been very reflective, and for that I am grateful.

So this is the new year

It has been one month since the new school year started, and I have been severely neglecting this site.   It is so easy to be overcome with work, and time wasting on the internet, and marking, and planning, and feeling guilty about your teaching, and feeling exhausted every day.

I am finally on the right path to be in a groove with things.   It took a lot longer this year I think, but I don’t really know why.   I have less students, but a lot more needs.

Either way, we’ve started on this great drawing project to connect to French as well.   We learned about contours and did a contour drawing of an animal.   Inside the shape we created, we divided it up into 4-6 sections.    In each section we are drawing close up views of the animal using gray scale and value – a skill we spent a lot of time on.

I will post some photos of in-progress, and completed work soon!

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