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February 2014

last week of february

This week was super busy!  Our class has a school-wide assembly to host in March as well as a Silent Film workshop that took all of Wednesday for filming and editing.  It’s been quite the creative chaos in our classroom.

creative work

As a class, we decided to create a large mural – pictures to come for our Kindergarten buddies’ play.  We helped make the costumes they would need as well.   We also have some students doing a dance to the new song from the Lego Movie – Everything is Awesome!

On Wednesday, students created Silent Films and edited them using iMovie.  They turned out so great, and were very comedic.  As a class we had a discussion about humour vs. being silly for no reason, and the message came across well.  We had some creatively funny stories!

Looking forward to this weekend, I have a lot of work to do, but because the weather outside is supposed to be in the -30 range, I’ll be bundled up with my laptop and some warm beverages to work.

reflections and new beginnings


I’ve had a tumblr education blog for years, but it was sort of becoming a place where I was mostly just reblogging other people’s ideas and not ever really writing or creating my own.  I was sort of stuck.   A weekend alone, and some quiet art and reflection has re-inspired me to start anew.

I’m in my third year of full time teaching, and although I deeply miss teaching art full time in a middle school, I’ve come to enjoy the freedom of having one class all day long.  This year I’ve had a 5/6 class and it has been so joyous and exciting.  We’ve created, we’ve drawn, we’ve built, and being able to spend more than one class period on something has made a world of difference.

My hopes for this new space will be to post images of my creations and my students’ creations as well.  I’ll hopefully talk about my teaching practice and my growth, as well as my struggles (because boy are there lots of those).   I’m off to bed now, but look forward to posting more in the near future.


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